QSFP+ stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus, which includes SR4, PSM4, LR4, IR4, ER4 Lite and ER4, using either 12-fiber MPO or duplex LC receptacle, with features of compliant MSA and IEEE802.3ba, low power consumption, small size and high reliability. Digital diagnostics functions are available via an I2C interface. It offers customers a wide variety of high-density Ethernet connectivity options for data center, high-performance computing networks and service provider applications. 

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P/N Data Rate Wavelength Distance Source Tx Power(dBm) Rx Sensitivity(dBm) Connector Temp. Range Datasheet
OP-Q40G-SR4 40G 850nm 100m VCSEL+PIN -7.5 ~ 0.5 ≤-9.5 MPO Commercial
OP-Q40G-eSR4 40G 850nm 300m VCSEL+PIN -7.5 ~ 1 ≤-9.9 MPO Commercial
OP-Q40G-SRBD 40G 850nm 100m VCSEL+PIN -4 ~ 5 ≤-11 LC Commercial
OP-Q40G-LR4 40G CWDM 10km DFB+PIN -7 ~ 2.3 ≤-11.5 LC Commercial
OP-Q40G-LR4 20km 40G CWDM 20km DFB+PIN -5 ~ 2.3 ≤-12.5 LC Commercial
OP-Q40G-IR4 40G CWDM 2km DFB+PIN -7 ~ 1 ≤-11.5 LC Commercial
OP-Q40G-PSM-LR4 40G CWDM 10km DFB+PIN -5.5 ~ 1.5 ≤-12.5 MPO Commercial
OP-Q40G-ER4 Lite 40G CWDM 30km DFB+APD -2.7 ~ 2.3 ≤-19 LC Commercial
OP-Q40G-ER4 40G CWDM 40km DFB+APD -2.7 ~ 4.5 ≤-21 LC Commercial

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