Copper SFP

Oct 12, 2020

10GBase-T SFP+ Copper Small Form Pluggable transceivers are based on the SFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA). It is compliant with the 10Gbase-T standards as specified in IEEE Std802.3. 10G Copper uses the SFP's RX_LOS pin for link indication. If pull up or open SFP's TX_DISABLE pin, PHY IC be reset. 

OPTINET has two version 10G Copper SFP+, one is Marvell chipset which support 10Gbase-T / 5Gbase-T / 2.5Gbase-T / 1000base-T and transmission distance up to 30m over Cat 6a, 7, 7a Ethernet cable. For Marvell also two software option for customer to choose from. One version is 10G Copper module can insert into either 10G port or Gigabit port, but the other side connect with our 10G copper module data rate must be same, such as 10G to 10G, 1G to 1G. If customer no special remark, this is our by default one. 

The other version is 10G Copper module can only insert into 10G port, but the other side connect with can be Gigabit or 10G data rate are ok. Customer often ask can we use 10G Copper as 1G or 2.5G ? For Marvell chipset as it supports multi rate, so can change code to make it work to other data rate. Our production is write 10G SFP+SR code by default. Normally need change to 2.5G code then can work as 2.5G. 

The other chipset brand is Broadcom. This one can only support 10G data rate, not ok for compatible with lower Gigabit data rate. It’s advantage is transmission distance up to 80m. And power consumption lower than Marvell one.