Converter Module

100G Adaptor Module is designed for 100Gigbit Ethernet to deploy QSFP28 transceiver modules on equipment with CFP/CFP2 ports. With the adaptor module, it provides flexibility to use either CFP/CFP2 or QSFP28 module on a CFP/CFP2 port of a switch. X2/XENPAK to SFP+ Adapter Module enabling migration from X2/XENPAK to Small SFP+ form factor without having to upgrade or replace the switches. There are a limited amount of line cards and switches which are still using X2/XENPAK optics. Newer product line are smaller size XFP and SFP+. The converter module provides flexibility to use the 10 Gigabit X2/XENPAK interface port of a switch with SFP+ modules. This flexibility is important when the specific type of interface is not available or customers want to use the same form of factor for interfaces across multiple platforms deployed in their network.

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Part No Product Description Datasheet
OP-CFP2-QSFP28 100G CFP2 to QSFP28 Adapter Module
OP-CFP-QSFP28 100G CFP to QSFP28 Adapter Module
OP-X2-SFP+ 10G X2 to SFP+ Converter Module
OP-XENPAK-SFP+ 10G XENPAK to SFP+ Converter Module

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