200G~400G Transceiver

400G QSFP DD and 200G QSFP56 high speed optical transceivers are good for big dat, cloud computing and data centers. 400G QSFP DD compliant with IEEE 802.3cm, QSFP DD CIMS 4.0.  8 channel full duplex, each channel transmitting up to 53.125Gb/s. 200G QSFP56 is four channel 4x50Gb/s which compliant with QSFP56 MSA at PAM4 encoding. Maximum link length of 100m on OM4 MMF.

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P/N Data Rate Wavelength Distance Source Tx Power(dBm) Rx Sensitivity(dBm) Connector Temp. Range Datasheet
OP-QSFP-DD-SR8 400G 850nm 100m VCSEL+PIN -6.5 ~4 ≤-7.9 MPO16 Commercial
OP-QSFP56-SR4 200G 850nm 100m VCSEL+PIN -6 ~ 4 ≤-8 MPO12 Commercial
OP-QSFP56-FR4 200G 1310nm 2km PAM4+ CWDM LD PD -4.2 ~ 4.7 ≤-6 LC Commercial

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