QSFP28 Single Lambda

QSFP28 Single Lambda Transceiver is use PAM4 (four-level pulse amplitude modulation). PAM4 contains twice the amount of data than NRZ which increase network bandwidth without adding additional fibers, effectively improve bandwidth utilization. Lower cost and easy for production. It includes QSFP28 DR1, FR1 and LR1.

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P/N Data Rate Wavelength Distance Source Tx Power(dBm) Rx Sensitivity(dBm) Connector Temp. Range Datasheet
OP-QSFP28-LR1 100G 1310nm 10km EML+PIN -1.4 ~ 4.5 ≤-4.5 LC Commercial
OP-QSFP28-FR1 100G 1310nm 10km EML+PIN -2.4 ~ 4.0 ≤-4.5 LC Commercial
OP-QSFP28-DR1 100G 1310nm 500m EML+PIN -2.9 ~ 4.0 ≤-4.5 LC Commercial

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