10GBASE Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing SFP+ Modules it is designed for carriers and large enterprises with a scalable, flexible, cost-effective system for multiplexing, transporting high-speed data, storage, voice and video applications in point-to-point, add/drop and star network topologies. It operates at a nominal wavelength of 100GHz or 50GHz ITU Grid. Except fixed channel DWDM modules, also have Tunable DWDM SFP+, which can adjust its wavelength on site to the required lambda. Tunable DWDM SFP+ transceivers enable us to change wavelengths unlimited within the C-band DWDM ITU Grid.

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P/N Data Rate Wavelength Distance Source Tx Power(dBm) Rx Sensitivity(dBm) Connector Temp. Range Datasheet
OP-S10GD1XX-40 10G 100GHz C17-61 40km EML+PIN -1~ 3 ≤-15 LC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-S10GD5XX-40 10G 50GHz C17-61 40km EML+PIN -1~ 3 ≤-15 LC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-S10GD1XX-80 10G 100GHz C17-61 80km EML+APD 0~ 5 ≤-23 LC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-S10GD5XX-80 10G 50GHz C17-61 80km EML+APD 0~ 5 ≤-23 LC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-S10GDT-80 10G 1568~1529nm 80km C-band MZL+APD -1~ 3 ≤-23 LC Com./Ex./Ind.

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