Single Fiber

155M (Fast Ethernet), STM-1 Bi-Directional Fiber Transceiver, BiDi SFP or WDM SFP, is used in bi-directional single fiber communications applications. With a variety of transmitter and receiver types, allowing users to select the appropriate transceiver for each link. The form factor and electrical interface are specified by a multi-source agreement (MSA). Digital diagnostics functions are available via an I2C interface.

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P/N Data Rate Wavelength Distance Source Tx Power(dBm) Rx Sensitivity(dBm) Connector Temp. Range Datasheet
OP-B1M35-20 1.25G 1310/1550nm 20km FP+PIN -15 ~ -3 ≤-32 LC/SC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M53-20 1.25G 1550/1310nm 20km FP+PIN -15 ~ -3 ≤-32 LC/SC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M35-40 1.25G 1310/1550nm 40km FP+PIN -8 ~ -3 ≤-34 LC/SC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M53-40 1.25G 1550/1310nm 40km FP+PIN -8 ~ -3 ≤-34 LC/SC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M45-80 1.25G 1490/1550nm 80km DFB+PIN -5~ 0 ≤-34 LC/SC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M54-80 1.25G 1550/1490nm 80km DFB+PIN -5~ 0 ≤-34 LC/SC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M45-120 1.25G 1490/1550nm 120km DFB+APD -3~ 5 ≤-36 LC Com./Ex./Ind.
OP-B1M54-120 1.25G 1550/1490nm 120km DFB+APD -3~ 5 ≤-36 LC Com./Ex./Ind.

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